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I successfully navigated the life of an entrepreneur for many years, starting, building, and selling multiple companies and real estate projects. Enjoying my own successes in real estate led me to utilize those skills as a real estate consultant. Now I consult with people to sell, buy and develop residential, commercial and land projects, putting their needs and priorities first. Being a real estate consultant in a community is more than sales. It’s understanding the people who live and work here and keeping abreast of real estate opportunities that fit them and their family’s needs.

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Walton Lighthouse Santa Cruz CA
Paul Burrowes
By Paul Burrowes | July 17, 2024

How Much Is a Home Appraisal in Santa Cruz? Exploring Costs and Benefits

Compared to the rest of California, Santa Cruz's economy is among the most diverse. The firm tourist, technology, education, and agriculture industries contribute to a robust commercial and residential real estate market with good prospects for property appreciation.
Investors in Santa Cruz real estate, or…

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Paul Burrowes
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Paul Burrowes
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Paul Burrowes
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Paul Burrowes
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Paul Burrowes
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Paul Burrowes
By Paul Burrowes | June 18, 2024

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