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paul burrowes playing guitar with a bandI’ve lived in California for decades and watched it grow through the tech boom and beyond. In the early days before tech giants had their own websites, I hosted their job openings on mine. I was a principle in a tech career company and managed 130 employees. There were many top Fortune 500 clients on our sites, at our career expos and in our newspapers and magazine publications. As the industry evolved to be more virtual, my company evolved with it. That flexibility, creativity, evolution, and forward thinking became my central business philosophy.

paul burrowes with his wife and daughterLike many people, I’ve had varied experiences, including publishing, career expos, solar energy, conservation, land development and real estate. I have worked with Federal, State, County, and elected officials on land use planning, planned development, zoning, permitting, conservation law, community involvement, and environmental and ecological assessment. I consult with attorneys, architects, civil engineers, surveyors, financial institutions, investors and contractors to verify design studies, plans and cost estimates. I also currently run the Zayante Sandhills Conservation Bank in Santa Cruz County. All the businesses I’ve run over the years have had some things in common. Negotiating with integrity, treating people fairly, being a reliable source of information and action. I begin my process with lots of questions. You never know what someone is thinking unless you ask, so I ask and listen carefully to find the best strategies and solutions to help my clients reach their goals.

Those guiding principles help my clients achieve their dreams and I have enjoyed being a part of that for more than two decades.

In real estate, I am a strong and steady advocate for my clients. I’m proud to say that’s possible without the tension, stress and frustration that sometimes defines real estate dealings. I always seek out win-win scenarios. I continuously work to foster positive relationships with everyone I meet and have built a vibrant professional network in our region.

paul burrowes with his wife and daughterI’ve been fortunate enough to train others within my companies, and even taught a few classes. I try to impress upon my students some of the basics that others discount: the importance of being on time, transparency, honesty, dependability, and positivity - values that I continue to build upon personally in my own business and life. One of the most important things anyone can choose to do in life is to show up, and that’s what I advise young professionals to do-- show up, put in the hours, be prepared, and stay alert to opportunity. Every day you repeat the pattern consistently, showing up and taking care of business and taking care of others to achieve success. I work every day as a REALTOR® because I need to be there for my clients when they need me and I love what I do, so being available to my clients never feels like an inconvenience but rather a new opportunity to make a difference each day.

I’m honored to work with others towards these large, complex, and sometimes life-changing purchases. Most remain my clients over the years, and some become friends. My favorite part of being a REALTOR® is getting to know my clients and developing lifelong relationships as we work together to accomplish their goals.

Whether buying or selling a house, details matter. Trust matters. Relationships matter. My goal is to generate a stress-free experience for you, that satisfies your needs. As your real estate consultant, I’ll help you explore every avenue, and I will make sure you make a good decision at every step in the process. This means I will treat your money likes it’s my money. With my background in development and marketing, I know how to make your property look as appealing as possible and be seen by as many as possible. I will bring creativity and care to the negotiation process. Once the transaction is over, I will continue to help you whenever you need me as your lifelong real estate consultant. Bottom Line, I’m going to get the job done properly for you and not let you down!

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