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With a population of 62,714 residents, Santa Cruz, California is a coastal community that has a distinct blend of lifestyles and neighborhoods. Situated along the beautiful Monterey Bay, this city boasts beautiful houses on the beach with ocean views. On top of cliffs and hills in Santa Cruz there are luxury homes that give people a taste of what life should be like for them by providing uninterrupted scenes as water crashes into land and irregular coastline creates great backdrops. With trendy eateries, cool shops, and an exciting music and art centre that caters to bohemian youths; Santa Cruz’s downtown is always alive with activity. The eastern and western sides further from the town center contain comfy family homes some of which have ocean views and easy reach beaches. Santa Cruz would not be complete without mentioning UCSC campus whose students bring fresh energy by and stimulate cultural development in many ways. Santa Cruz offers something for everyone – whether you love luxury homes by the coastlines, want to live downtown among all sorts of interesting characters, need great places to raise your kids in suburbs or prefer living close to an educational institution where learning never stops.

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West Cliff in Santa Cruz, California.

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Average Price $2.1M
Lowest Price $1.3K
Highest Price $23M
Total Listings 233
Avg. Price/SQFT $920

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The Santa Cruz area has been home to Indigenous peoples for over 12,000 years. Indigenous homework people first inhabiting the area were of the Awaswas nation of the Ohlone people whose language referred to their tribal name and physically described the features around the area. This tribe had 1,000 individuals and resided in the land from Davenport to Rio Del Mar until the late 1700s, where Spanish colonists invaded the area. Though their language died out, remnants exist in place names; for example, Aptos, Soquel, and Zayante.

An aerial image of Santa Cruz during dusk.

Though colonization was accompanied by disease and displacement, the Awaswas-speaking Indigenous Uypi tribe's cited name for the area remained Aulinta, which means "place of the olivas." Santa Cruz incorporated as a town in California in 1866 and had its first charter as a city in 1876. After governance by successive Mayors, Councils, and Commissioners, the city opted for a Council-Manager type of government in 1948 that also continues to the present day. In a history of fires, earthquakes, and fluctuating economies, Santa Cruz has continued to live up to its reputation as a lively, dynamic beach town that represents a wealth of cultural heritage.

Parks & Beaches

Santa Cruz offers an impressive diversity of parks, beaches, and open spaces for all to enjoy. Pause in awe at the stunning vistas from Pogonip or catch world-class surfing at the iconic Lighthouse Field. The one-of-a-kind disc golf course at DeLaveaga challenges players of all skill levels. Get air at the skate parks and pump tracks or play bocce ball and ping pong at local parks. After a stroll along the historic Santa Cruz Wharf, visit the premier beaches at Main and Cowell. For those who have yet to explore the wealth of Santa Cruz parks, beaches, and open spaces, we encourage you to embark on an adventure. To find off-leash areas for you and your dog, learn more about dog-friendly parks in Santa Cruz when looking for homes for sale in Santa Cruz.

The City has approved the Parks Master Plan 2030, which provides recommendations to enhance the City's parks, recreation facilities, open spaces, and beaches over the next 15 years. The Parks and Recreation Department partnered with the landscape architecture and planning firm Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey to develop the plan. Together, they assessed current conditions, analyzed trends, conducted public outreach for feedback, and identified actions and funding opportunities to improve the city's parks and recreation system based on community input. The plan will guide the City's priorities and investments in parks and recreation for the next 15 years.

Parks Master Plan 2030:

City of Santa Cruz Parks Master Plan 2030 (Final Version)


Pogonip is a 640-acre open space of meadows, woodlands, and creeks with a 1-mile multi-use trail in the northernmost sector open for bicyclists and equestrians. This multi-use trail ties together Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Pogonip, and the campus lands owned by UC Santa Cruz. All other Pogonip Trails are closed to bicycles and horses.

Pogonip has walk-in entrances but no on-site parking. There is parking available on Golf Club Drive just west of Highway 9 and walk in at the main gate. Additional parking can be found near both the Harvey West Park entrance and near the Spring Street entrance, although there is limited residential parking in this area.

Pogonip is a natural haven that will light up so much inspiration due to its closeness to the urban center of Santa Cruz. Though not virgin wilderness, in the sense that the landscape has been radically altered in the past 150 years, this habitat nevertheless has a value all its own lying, as it does, on the edge of the city. It is a testament to the hardiness of nature that a magical sanctuary like Pogonip endures. Today, it is secured into the city's Greenbelt properties, acquired in 1988 with funds from the CALPAW State Bond Act.

Pogonip contains quite diverse wildlife. Mixed evergreen and upland redwood forests, stands of oak, and riparian woodlands create wooded areas for the Pacific giant salamanders, California newts, and banana slugs, while meadows and prairies support the natural occurrence of prairie clover, popcorn flowers, and rare Ohlone tiger beetles. Grasslands and forests are inhabited by jackrabbits, ground squirrels, deer, coyotes, bobcats, and bats. Many resident and migrating birds visit Pogonip, including owls, bluebirds, meadowlarks, chickadees, woodpeckers, and hawks. One can find in meadows and prairies reptiles such as alligator lizards, fence lizards, and garter snakes. Mountain lions do visit, but Pogonip is part of the animal haven surrounded by cities.

Pogonip has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The land was indeed first inhabited by Ohlone tribes for more than 5,000 years until the arrival of Europeans in the 1700s. Following the establishment of the Santa Cruz Mission in 1791 and the Mexican rule throughout the 1800s, the number of Ohlones rapidly declined due to diseases and harassment from settlers. Although no prehistoric sites have been discovered, Irish immigrants probably utilized ample resources available within the Pogonip area by Native Americans.

By the mid-1800s, logging operations had destroyed most of the old-growth redwoods; today, there are only three virgin redwoods left. Because the redwoods supplied fuel for limestone kilns, portions of the Rincon and Spring Trails were actually roads that served to connect the timber, quarries, and kilns. Today it is a park, but Pogonip was once part of the Cowell Ranch, which was bought for lime and timber. As resources grew scarce in the early 1900s, the land was gradually changed to livestock operations. In 1961, a portion was sold to UC Santa Cruz as part of the campus; the rest became Pogonip.

At one time, there was a golf course and polo fields—actor/realtor attractions for celebrities and champion players. Guided by Dorothy Deming Wheeler, Pogonip hosted the beginnings of coed polo. Briefly serving as a rehabilitation facility during World War II, it reopened to a private club in 1948. Rich in history, the unsafe clubhouse remains closed to the public today.

The paved multiuse path extends less than half a mile, from Agnes Street to the harbor and then to the upper harbor, where it links for hiking and biking. Several dirt hiking trails core meadows with loops from the Hagemann Bridge to the entrance of the harbor and from the entrance of the harbor to Agnes Street. Bicycling is prohibited on these dirt trails. Please stay on the designated paths to minimize impacts on sensitive habitat.

Here's your Trail Map!

Arana Gulch provides important habitat that includes: wetlands, central coast riparian scrub, central coast live oak riparian forest, and coastal terrace prairie. The reserve is about one-third wetlands—mostly confined to the Arana Creek floodplain, which forms its eastern boundary. More seasonal freshwater wetlands are sprinkled throughout the upper grasslands.

Arana Gulch is the last place left within the county for finding the endangered Santa Cruz tar plant. While local in abundance here in former times, the tar plant's populations declined along with the loss of grazing. Cooperative efforts on the part of the City of Santa Cruz, the California Department of Fish and Game, the California Native Plant Society, and a host of volunteers have made recovery of the tar plant possible in recent years.

Dogs must be leashed and are allowed on all trails except the Marsh Vista Trail. Arana Gulch has sensitive habitat areas that are easily disrupted by dogs. Be a good neighbor: pick up after your pet.

Smoking or fires, camping, alcohol, wood gathering, collection of plants or animals, archery/hunting. 


  • Frederick Street @ Broadway 

  • Agnes Street @ Mentel Avenue

  • 7th Avenue @ Brommer Street.

No on-site parking

  • Agnes Street - On-street parking on Agnes Street

  • Upper Harbor - Trail entrance to Arana Gulch located along the western boundary of the harbor storage yard

The City of Santa Cruz acquired the Moore Creek Preserve, formerly known as the Bombay Property, in 1998. High-quality habitats include wildflower fields, coastal prairie, rolls of rare coast live oaks, and riparian forests. Several threatened and endangered wildlife and plant species inhabit the preserve, including the red-legged frog, Ohlone tiger beetle, and San Francisco popcorn flower. Financ­ing for the pur­chase of the Pres­erve was pro­vided by the 1998 Bond Mea­sure, the City, and State grants. The Moore Creek Pres­erve is man­aged cooper­a­tive­ly by the Cen­tral City of Santa Cruz and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz Coun­ty, the lat­ter of which also man­ages a con­ser­va­tion ease­ment for the State of Cal­i­for­nia.

A wide angle aerial view of Santa Cruz, California

This 246-acre City greenbelt land offers hiking trails through open meadows with scenic views of Monterey Bay. Because of the sensitive resources within the Preserve, public use is limited to hiking only. Bicycles and dogs are prohibited at all times. Cattle are grazed on the Preserve to benefit native plant and animal species and to reduce fire hazards. 

Summer (April through October) Sunrise to 7 p.m.
Winter (November through March) Sunrise to 4 p.m.

Moore Creek Brochure and Trail Map

TRAILS: Trails within the Preserve are relatively limited (approximately 2½ miles round trip). Trails are open to hiking only. Dogs and bicycles are prohibited. Trails are not accessible for wheelchair use. 

Moore Creek Preserve has two walk-in entrances. There is no on-site parking. One entrance is located on the north side of Highway 1, across from Shaffer Road. The other entrance is located at the end of Meder Street. There is no parking on Meder Street to the west of Western Drive. 

For a copy of a trail map, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 831-420-5270.

Dogs are prohibited at all times.

Smoking, fires, camping, alcohol, littering, wood gathering, collection of plants and animals, archery/hunting.

No on-site parking.

  • Highway 1 at Shaffer Road
    Limited on-street parking on south side of Highway 1
    Access to approximately 2 ½ miles of trails (round-trip)

  • Meder Street
    No parking to the west of Western Drive
    Existing trail access very limited (one ¼ mile trail) 

Neighborhood Parks

Beach Flats Park, Bethany Curve, Branciforte Dog Park, Central Park, El Portal Park, Frederick Street Park, Garfield Park, Grant Park, John D. Franks Park, La Barranca Park, Laurel Park, Lighthouse Avenue Park, Mimi de Marta Park, Mission Plaza, Moore Creek Overlook, Neary Lagoon Park, Ocean View Park, Pacheco Dog Park, Poets Park and Beach Flats Community Garden, Rincon Park, Riverside Gardens Park, Round Tree Park, Scope Park, Sgt. Derby Park

Star of the Sea Park, Town Clock, Trescony Park, Tyrrell Park, University Terrace Park, Westlake Park, Westside Pump Track.

A rustic bridge in Santa Cruz, California.

Community Parks

DeLaveaga Park-Lower DeLaveaga Park, George Washington Grove, Audrey Stanley Grove, DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course, and DeLaveaga Archery Range, Depot Park, Funspot Bike Park, & Scott Kennedy Fields, Harvey West Park, Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park at Mike Fox Park, San Lorenzo Park, West Cliff

Regional Park

DeLaveaga Golf Course. See the list of golf courses for Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey County.

Open Spaces 

Arana Gulch Open Space, Arroyo Seco Canyon, DeLaveaga Park Wilderness Area, Jessie Street Marsh, Moore Creek Preserve, Neary Lagoon Wildlife Refuge, Pogonip Open Space

Beaches and Wharf

Cowell Beach, Its Beach (Partially-owned), Main Beach, Mitchell’s Cove. Beachfront and Ocean View Homes for sale in Santa Cruz.


Beach Flats Community Center, Carmelita Cottages Citizens Opportunity (222 Market)

Civic Auditorium, DeLaveaga Park-Audrey Stanley Grove, DeLaveaga Park- DeLaveaga Archery Range, DeLaveaga Park-DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course, DeLaveaga Golf Course, Depot Park Freight Building, Harvey West Park-Kids Kottage and Wagner Cottage, Harvey West Pool, Harvey West Scout and Clubhouse, Louden Nelson Community Center, Museum of Natural History, Pogonip Clubhouse, Santa Cruz Wharf, San Lorenzo Park Lawn Bowling, Senior Citizens Opportunity at 222 Market St., Surfing Museum

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, is a legendary, historic, beachfront amusement park that is promising this season to deliver riders, gamers, and fun nonstop. There's the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster and Looff Carousel, two National Historic Landmarks, for the bigger adrenaline rush seekers. Family and kiddie rides, along with over 300 new and classic arcade games, are also awaiting visitors. They can play miniature golf at Neptune's Kingdom, engage in battle in laser tag, or head over to the nearby Boardwalk Bowl. Those interested in learning more about the history of the park can take a self-guided walking tour or see the free exhibit, Boardwalk Historium, on the second floor of Neptune's Kingdom, which features photographs and memorabilia from the Boardwalk's first 100 years.

More inviting still are Santa Cruz's wide beaches and splashable waves. And more irresistible, with their colorful boardwalk featuring rides, games, and music. Since 1907, the beloved Santa Cruz Boardwalk has been a big part of summertime fun for families. Today, the entire boardwalk is a California Historic Landmark—and two of its rides carry the prestigious title of National Historic Landmarks.

The Giant Dipper—a wooden, classic rollercoaster first opened in 1924—remains a star attraction, having delivered Screams and thrills for decades. But it now shares billing with modern marvels like the 125-foot Double Shot tower for adrenaline seekers. For tamer tastes, there's the carefully restored Looff carousel from 1911, boasting hand-carved horses. Inside, find a huge arcade with laser tag, mini-golf, skeeball, and video games galore. Its dining goes from corn dogs to regional craft beers at Brews on the Beach.

Enjoy panoramic views from the overhead Sky Glider funicular. Be sure to check the events for free beach movies and concerts, and make your visit a longer stay at nearby hotels like retro Hotel Paradox or Ocean View Sea & Sand Inn.

Voted the world's best seaside amusement park, the park offers over 40 rides and attractions that guests can enjoy daily during the summer and weekends and select weekdays in spring and fall. Winter Wonderland joins the Park in Winter and is also the site of the largest arcade in the country, which is open daily throughout the year.

The inviting wide beach and splashable waves, combined with the lively boardwalk filled with rides, games, and music, make it very hard to pass by. For generations of families, this beloved beachfront amusement park has been a supplier of summertime tradition since 1907. Currently, the whole Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a California Historic Landmark, with two of its rides having reached National Historic Landmark status—most notably the Giant Dipper wooden rollercoaster, which has both thrilled and terrified riders since its debut in 1924.

Facility Address:
400 Beach Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 

Phone: (831) 423-5590

Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkBody of Water: Pacific Ocean
County: Santa Cruz
Type of Facility: Beach/Erosion Project 
Open To:
Region: Central Coast

Mailing Address:
400 Beach Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


The Santa Cruz City Schools district serves nearly 6,660 students across Santa Cruz County, from Davenport to Soquel. It is comprised of two districts governed by a shared Board of Education and administrative staff. The elementary district contains five schools with around 2,000 students, including a Dual Immersion Program. The secondary district has two middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, a continuation school, an independent studies program, and a home school program with approximately 4,660 students.

Nestled on Monterey Bay in northern California, Santa Cruz is home to the esteemed University of California campus and a small yet vibrant community of 54,600 residents. With its scenic beaches, rolling hills, and thriving arts scene, this seaside city offers countless attractions for visitors and locals alike. The Santa Cruz City School District aims to prepare all students for college and career success while closing persistent achievement gaps between demographic groups.

  • Elementary Schools: Bay View Elementary, DeLaveaga Elementary, Gault Elementary, Westlake Elementary

  • Middle Schools: Branciforte Middle School, Mission Hill Middle School

  • Comprehensive High Schools: Harbor High School, Santa Cruz High School, Soquel High School

  • PreKindergarten: Bay View Elementary, DeLaveaga Elementary, Gault Elementary, Westlake Elementary

  • Continuation High School: Costanoa

  • Alternative Elementary School: Monarch, K-6

  • Independent Studies Program: Ark Independent Studies

  • Home School Program: Alternative Family Education

  • 7000 Students, K-12

  • 420 Certificated teachers, librarians, administrators

  • 300 Classified staff

  • Santa Cruz County population: 262,382

Watsonville/Aptos/Santa Cruz Adult School
319 La Fonda Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062
Main Phone: (831) 786-2160

Dir. Adult Education: Nancy Bilicich

Secondary District

Branciforte Middle School
315 Poplar Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062
Main Phone: 831-429-3883

Principal: Debbi Puente
Asst. Principal: Sue Moen
Assistant: Lisa Orozco

Mission Hill Middle School
425 King St. Santa Cruz, Ca 95060
Main Phone: 831-429-3860

Principal: Derek Kendall
Asst. Principal: Sara Norris
Assistant: Amrik Nijor

Harbor High School
300 La Fonda Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062
Main Phone: 429-3810

Principal: Amariah Hernandez
Asst. Principal: Dustin Carr
Asst. Principal: Shad Coffey
Assistant: Kelly Paulsen
Assistant: Laura Quintero

Santa Cruz High School
415 Walnut Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95060
Main Phone: 831-429-3960

Principal: Michelle Poirer
Asst. Principal: Casey Denning
Asst. Principal: Amine Bouchti
Assistant: Anna Miller

Soquel High School
401 Old San Jose Rd. Soquel, Ca 95073
Main Phone: 831-429-3909

Principal: Greg O'Meara
Asst. Principal: Erin Mongiello
Asst. Principal: Jose Quevedo
Assistant: Kelly Moker
Assistant: April Walls

Branciforte Small Schools
840 N. Branciforte Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062
Main Phone: 831-429-3898

Co-Principal: Michelle McKinney
Co-Principal: Clyde Curley
Assistant: Gail Mabrouk

Monarch Elementary School

Costanoa High School

ARK Independent Study

Alternative Family Education


El Palomar Restaurant
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1336 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Hula's Island Grill
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221 Cathcart Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Johnny's Harborside Restaurant
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493 Lake Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Soif Wine Bar & Restaurant
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105 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Surfrider Cafe
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429 Front Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Riva Fish House
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31 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Rosie McCann's
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1220 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Ideal Bar & Grill
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106 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Hindquarter Bar & Grille
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303 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Laili Restaurant
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101B Cooper Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Red Restaurant And Bar
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200 Locust Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Hoffman's Bistro & Patisserie
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1102 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pearl Of The Ocean
Categories: Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Indian/Pakistani Restaurants, Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants, Ethnic Restaurants
736 Water Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Picnic Basket
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants, Sandwich Shops
125 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

La Posta
Categories: Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
538 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Cafe Mare
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
740 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Crow's Nest Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Banquet Rooms, Stand Up Comedy, Event Planning, Happy Hour / Game Nights, Lounges, Live Music Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
2218 E Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Stagnaro Bros Restaurant
Categories: Event Planning, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
59 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Oswald Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants
121 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Engfer Pizza Works
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
525 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Hollins House Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Banquet Rooms, Event Planning, Foods, Restaurants
20 Clubhouse Rd., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Back Nine Grill & Bar
Categories: Bars, Banquet Rooms, Event Planning, Nightlife, Restaurants
The Inn at Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Dance Clubs, DJ's, Gay Bars, Lounges, Nightlife, Restaurants
1209 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

515 Kitchen & Cocktails
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Nightlife, Restaurants
515 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Penny Ice Creamery
Categories: Restaurants
913 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Harbor Cafe
Categories: American Restaurants, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants, Event Spaces
535 7th Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

The Walnut Avenue Cafe
Categories: American Restaurants, Coffee Houses, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants
106 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Cafe Brazil
Categories: Barbeque, Brazilian Restaurants, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants
1410 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Nightlife, Restaurants
402 Ingalls St Suite 27, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Bocci's Cellar
Categories: Bars, Event Planning, Happy Hour / Game Nights, Italian Restaurants, Live Music Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants
140 Encinal St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Woodstock's Pizza
Categories: Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants, Wing Joints
710 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Gabriella Cafe
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910 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

99 Bottles Restaurant & Pub
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110 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pizzeria Avanti
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1711 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Aquarius Restaurant
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175 W Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Chaminade - Linwood's Bar and Grill
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One Chaminade Lane, Santa Cruz CA 95065 (831) 475-5600

The Point Chophouse & Lounge
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3326 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Assembly | food + community
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1108 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Zachary's Restaurant
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819 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

New Leaf Community Markets
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1134 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

La Cabaña Taqueria
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2332 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Betty's Eat Inn
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Diners, Restaurants
1222 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Burger Santa Cruz
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1520 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Betty Burgers
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505 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Lillian's Italian Kitchen
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1116 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Zoccoli's Deli
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1534 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Kianti's Pizza And Pasta Bar
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Midtown Cafe
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The Greek
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Seabreeze Cafe
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Tacos Moreno
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Lago Di Como
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21490 E Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Bars, Happy Hour / Game Nights, Mediterranean Restaurants, Nightlife, Restaurants, Dessert
1522 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pono Hawaiian Grill
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120 Union St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Vallarta
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608 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

May's Sushi Bar And Grill
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1800 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Planet Fresh Gourmet Burritos
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1003 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Sabieng Thai Cuisine
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1218 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Silver Spur
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2650 Soquel Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95065

Seabright Brewery
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519 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

100 Mile Meals
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405 Melrose Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Mobo Sushi
Categories: Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Sushi, Asian Restaurants
105 S River St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz Diner
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Diners, Foods, Restaurants
909 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Aldo's Harbor Restaurant
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Italian Restaurants, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
616 Atlantic Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

India Joze
Categories: Indian/Pakistani Restaurants, Middle Eastern Restaurants, Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
418 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Lúpulo Craft Beer House
Categories: Bars, Nightlife, Pubs, Restaurants, Gastropub
233 Cathcart St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Cafe Gratitude
Categories: Cafes, Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants
103 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Michoacan
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
21401 E Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Tampico Kitchen & Lounge
Categories: Bars, Lounges, Mexican Restaurants, Nightlife, Restaurants
820 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Sala Thai
Categories: Restaurants, Thai Restaurants
353 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Restaurante Los Pinos
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
2019 N Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Vasili's Greek Restaurant
Categories: Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Greek Restaurants, Restaurants
1501 Mission St Ste A, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Poet & Patriot Irish Pub
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Dive Bars, Live Music Bars, Nightlife, Pubs, Restaurants
320 Cedar St Ste E, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Vallarta
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
1101 Pacific Ave Ste A, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Jack's Hamburgers
Categories: Burger Joints, Restaurants
202 Lincoln StSanta Cruz CA 95060

Solaire Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Restaurants
611 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz CA 93960

Ristorante Italiano
Categories: Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
555 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Malabar Restaurant
Categories: Asian Fusion, Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants
514 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Las Palmas Taco Bar
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
55 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Alderwood Santa Cruz
Categories: American Restaurants, California Cuisines, Restaurants
155 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Reef Bar & Restaurant
Categories: Bars, Hawaiian Restaurants, Live Music Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants, Tiki Bars, Live Music Venues
120 Union St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Little Shanghai
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
1010 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Maharaja Indian Cuisine
Categories: Indian/Pakistani Restaurants, Restaurants
270 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Falafel House Downtown
Categories: Restaurants, Falafel Restaurants
113 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Charlie Hong Kong
Categories: Asian Fusion, Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants
1141 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Ristorante Avanti
Categories: American Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
1917 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Hidden Peak Teahouse
Categories: Antique & Used Furniture, Cafes, Restaurants, Shopping, Tea Houses, Vegetarian Restaurants, Home Improvement
1541-C Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
800 41st AveSanta Cruz CA 95062

MacKenzie Bar & Grill At Pasatiempo
Categories: American Restaurants, Golf, Restaurants, Attractions
20 Clubhouse Rd., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
1010 Fair Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Foods, Lounges, Nightlife, Restaurants
900 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Westside Farmers' Market
Categories: American Restaurants, City Events, Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Food Event/Festival, Markets and Specialty Foods, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Specialty
Mission Street & Western Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Sushi
1123 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz Food Lounge
Categories: American Restaurants, Caterers, City Events, Event Planning, Foods, Food Services, Markets and Specialty Foods, Gourmet Food Stores, Restaurants
1001 Center St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Thai Orchid
Categories: Restaurants, Thai Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
2238 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Los Pericos
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
139 Water St., Santa Cruz CA 95060 10 Upper Crust Pizza & Pasta
Categories: Italian Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
2415 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

West End Tap & Kitchen
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Happy Hour / Game Nights, Nightlife, Pubs, Restaurants, Gastropub
334D Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: American Restaurants, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
37 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Downtown Santa Cruz
Categories: Restaurants, Attractions
Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants, Wing Joints
845 Almar Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Mission Street Barbecue
Categories: Barbeque, Restaurants
1618 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Betty’s Noodle House
Categories: Asian Fusion, Noodle Houses, Restaurants
920 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, Sushi
1222 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Burger King
Categories: Burger Joints, Fast Food, Restaurants
2015 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Cafe El Palomar
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
2222 E Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Categories: Fast Food, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
550 River StSanta Cruz CA 95060

Gilman Brewing
Categories: American, bar, Restaurants
817 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
1541 Pacific Avenue, #B, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Leo's Taco Bar
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1710 Brommer St., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Firefish Grill
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
25 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Canton Restaurant
Categories: Restaurants
820 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Restaurants
830 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

I Love Sushi
Categories: Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Sushi
516 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Santa Cruz
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
2215 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Santa Cruz
Categories: Foods, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
1002 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Burger Joints, Fast Food, Foods, Restaurants
1421 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Star Bene
Categories: Argentinian Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
21245 E Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Samba Rock Acai Cafe
Categories: Brazilian Restaurants, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Foods, Markets and Specialty Foods, Juice Bars, Restaurants
291 Water St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Jalapeños
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
206 Laurel St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Vallarta
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1221 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Betty Burgers
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Restaurants
1000 41st Ave, Santa Cruz CA 95062

El Jardin Restaurant
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
655 Capitola Rd, #102, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Oyunaa’s Mongolian Cuisine
Categories: Asian Fusion, Restaurants, Mongolian Restaurants, Ethnic Restaurants
1209 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Suda Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants
3910 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Pacific Thai Santa Cruz
Categories: Asian Fusion, Restaurants, Thai Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
1319 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pour Taproom
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Pubs, Restaurants, Beer Gardens
110 Cooper St, Suite B (entrance on Pacific Ave.), Santa Cruz CA 95060

Little Ceasars
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
233 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Apatzingan
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
425 Barson St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Falafel of Santa Cruz
Categories: Restaurants, Falafel Restaurants
1501 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Vinocruz Wine Bar
Categories: Bars, Markets and Specialty Foods, Mediterranean Restaurants, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Wine Shops
4901 Soquel Dr., Soquel CA 95073

Miramar Fish Grotto
Categories: Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
45 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

La Mission Mexican Restaurant
Categories: Bars, Mexican Restaurants, Nightlife, Restaurants
1719 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: American Restaurants, Diners, Restaurants
1515 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Your Place
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants
1719 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz Ale Works
Categories: Bars, Breweries, Nightlife, Restaurants
150 Dubois St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taco Bell
Categories: Fast Food, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1404 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Aloha Island Grille
Categories: Asian Fusion, Hawaiian Restaurants, Restaurants
1700 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Burger King
Categories: Burger Joints, Fast Food, Restaurants
1302 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Shun Feng Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
420 River St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Yan Flower
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
617 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Jeffery's Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Diners, Restaurants
2050 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
2403 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Guang Zho Chinese Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
3150 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Chill Out Cafe
Categories: Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Live Music Cafes, Restaurants, Burrito Places
860 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Taqueria Agave #2
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1836 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Thai Noodle House
Categories: Restaurants, Thai Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
2106 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Falafel Hut
Categories: Mediterranean Restaurants, Restaurants
309 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Real Thai Kitchen
Categories: Restaurants, Thai Restaurants
1632 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Cafe Campesino
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1130 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taqueria Vallarta No 2
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants, Burrito Places
893 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Fortune Garden
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
1733 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Chinese Village
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
3780 Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Surf Bistro And Bakery
Categories: American Restaurants, Bakeries, Breakfast/Cafe Restaurants, Cafes, Markets and Specialty Foods, Restaurants
415 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Golden Palace
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
415 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Point Market and Cafe
Categories: American Restaurants, Cafes, Restaurants
E Cliff Dr at 32nd Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue
Categories: Barbeque, Restaurants
460 7th Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

De La Hacienda Taqueria
Categories: Bars, Mexican Restaurants, Nightlife, Restaurants
354 Washington St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Water Street Grill
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants
503 Water Street, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Categories: Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
528 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Emily's Good Things to Eat
Categories: Bakeries, Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Markets and Specialty Foods, Restaurants, Sandwich Shops
1129 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Bamboo Garden Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
3744 Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Kong's Market
Categories: Fast Food, Markets and Specialty Foods, Grocery Stores, Restaurants
400 26th Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Panda Express
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
2121 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Betty Burgers
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Restaurants
1000 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Ocean Market
Categories: Restaurants, Shopping, Liquor Stores
304 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Casa Rositas
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
2608 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Sitar Indian Restaurant
Categories: Indian/Pakistani Restaurants, Restaurants
1133 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Dynasty Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
3601 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Taco Bell
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
1405 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Taco Bell
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
802 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
1210 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Joe's Pizza & Subs
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
841 N Branciforte Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

US Meal
Categories: Burger Joints, Restaurants
21505 E Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Jalapenos Taqueria
Categories: Foods, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1201 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Polar Bear Ice Cream
Categories: Restaurants
389 Coral St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Categories: African Restaurants, Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants
1520 Pacific Ave Ste K1, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Buffalo Bell
Categories: Restaurants, Wing Joints
107 Leonard St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Dolphin Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
25 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Jack In The Box
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
640 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Cole's BBQ and Catering
Categories: Barbeque, Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Restaurants
2590 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Conscious Creations Cafe Market And Bistro
Categories: Cafes, Restaurants
1121 SOQUEL AVE., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Sushi Totoro
Categories: Restaurants, Sushi
1701 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Artbar & Cafe
Categories: American Restaurants, Arts, Bars, Cafes, Clubs, Literary Arts, Live Music Clubs, Nightlife, Restaurants, Art Galleries
1010 River St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pleasure Pizza
Categories: Italian Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
800 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Sunset Restaurant
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants
Chaminade Resort & Spa, Santa Cruz CA 95065

Le Cigare Volant
Categories: American Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants, Wine Bars
328 Ingalls St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Los Gallos Taqueria
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
243 Mt Hermon Rd., Santa Cruz CA 95066

Pleasure Pizza
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
4000 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Day's Market Liquors & Deli
Categories: Restaurants
526 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Togo's Sandwiches
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
902 Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Acapulco Mexican Rest
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
1116 Pacific Ave Ste A, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Round Table Pizza
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
3715 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Fosters Freeze
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
229 Laurel St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

La Barrenada Restaurant
Categories: Restaurants, Burrito Places
313 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95067

Upper Crust Pizza
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
2501 Soquel Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95065

Barbary Coast
Categories: Fast Food, Restaurants
Neptune's Kingdom, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Dipper Diner
Categories: Burger Joints, Restaurants
700-798 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Cafe Bene downtown
Categories: Restaurants
1101 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Pink Godzilla
Categories: Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Asian Restaurants
830 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95065

Chelitos Pupusería
Categories: Latin American Restaurants, Restaurants
107 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Best China Buffet
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
525 Water St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

El Chino
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
2525 Soquel Dr, #A, Santa Cruz CA 95065

Golden City Chinese Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
1230 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Togo's Sandwich - Almar Shopping Center
Categories: Restaurants, Sandwich Shops
849 Almar Ave Ste B, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Sushi Now
Categories: Restaurants, Sushi
254 Potrero St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Naka Sushi
Categories: Restaurants, Sushi
851 41st Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Coles Bar B Q
Categories: Barbeque, Restaurants
2590 Portola Dr., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Andy's End Of Wharf Take-out
Categories: Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Mei Garden Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
Ocean St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

El Paisano Tamales
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
609 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

California Wraps
Categories: Restaurants, Burrito Places
800-898 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Comedor Popular Mutualista
Categories: Latin American Restaurants, Restaurants
Mercado mutualista, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Olitas Cantina & Grille
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
49 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Nuevo Southwest Grill
Categories: Caterers, Event Planning, Food Services, Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
21490 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Betty's Noodle House
Categories: Noodle Houses, Restaurants
920 Pacific Ave., Ste 12, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Surf City Grill
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Restaurants, Soccer, Sports & Recreation
400 Beach St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Phoenix Asian Restaurant
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
2301 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Joe's Pizza and Subs
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants, Sandwich Shops
1207 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Aqua Bleu
Categories: Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
1108 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Surfdog Santa Cruz
Categories: American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Restaurants
719 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

El Pollo Loco
Categories: Mexican Restaurants, Restaurants
712 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Banana Joe's
Categories: Convenience Stores, Fast Food, Markets and Specialty Foods, Restaurants
Crown College, Santa Cruz CA 95064

Khyber Pass
Categories: Indian/Pakistani Restaurants, Restaurants
810 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz County
Categories: American Restaurants, Nightlife, Restaurants, Attractions
1124 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Joe's Pizza And Subs
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
Quarry PlazaSanta Cruz CA 95064

Categories: Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
49 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Straw Hat Pizza
Categories: Pizza Restaurants, Restaurants
1221 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Santa Cruz County
Categories: American Restaurants, Restaurants
1101 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Far West Marine
Categories: Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
493 Lake Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95062

Bella Napoli Caffe
Categories: Italian Restaurants, Restaurants
503 Water St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

China Express
Categories: Chinese Restaurants, Restaurants
920 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA 95060

E3 Playhouse
Categories: Restaurants
435 Front St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

Carpos Restaurant Westside
Categories: Restaurants
2018 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

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