Beachfront and Ocean View Homes

Beach Living- California's stunning coastline provides an ideal retirement destination, with beautiful beaches, a pleasant climate, and scenic national parks. The beach communities offer a unique seaside lifestyle filled with sunshine, refreshing ocean breezes, and endless outdoor activities. Retirees can enjoy surfing, kayaking, hiking, or biking along the scenic shoreline.

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Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $2.6M
Lowest Price $2K
Highest Price $28M
Total Listings 138
Avg. Price/SQFT $1.1K

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Ocean View


More About Beach Living

Northern California's beaches showcase dramatic natural beauty, with steep cliffs, crashing waves, and picturesque fog setting an alluring scene. Idyllic sandy stretches provide the perfect viewing spots for sunsets, birds, and whales. The West Coast's proximity to the Pacific Ocean results in a more moderate climate, which people will pay a premium for beachfront homes in Santa Cruz or a cottage in Capitola Village. The further inland you travel, the more extreme the seasonal temperatures become, with hotter summers and colder winters. In the Bay Area, Pacific Ocean water temperatures typically range from the mid 50s to high 50s.

Studies show that people who live by the beach tend to be happier, which may seem obvious given the beautiful views, breezy air, soothing ocean waves, and abundant sunshine. However, there is scientific evidence behind this as well. The waves from the ocean generate negative ions in the air that facilitate greater serotonin production in the body. In addition, coastal living encourages more time spent outdoors, increasing vitamin D production, which is essential for proper body functioning, calcium absorption, bone health, and immunity. The oceanside climate also helps restore health.

While beach living presents some drawbacks like the corrosive effects of saltwater, potential flood damage, and costly insurance, the benefits of an oceanfront lifestyle and the investment potential of waterfront property typically outweigh these concerns.